The Gaiia Projects is a multi-faceted project, with the final goal of creating a planetary digital platform for ensuring the vital activity of future economic, social, and financial systems. Fundamentally, an Ecological Digital Government. But today, the top priority is to create the necessary conditions for the planet to receive the status of an ecological law entity, endowed with exclusive attributes and functions. We need this in order for GAIIA to become a full-fledged participant in the G20 summits. G20 + GAIIA.


Initiative to name our planet and recognize it as a new legal entity with legal status. We propose to give the planet a single name that sounds the same in all languages, for example, Gaiia.

Announcement of international competition. "Open competition for the design of the GAIIA logo":

  • GAIIA emblem
  • GAIIA flag
  • The GAIIA anthem (words, music)


GAIIA obtaining membership to the UN. After acquiring legal status, the GAIIA can claim voting rights at the UN on an equal footing with other states.

To underline the depth and relevance of environmental awareness, we will install a tree as a symbol of GAIIA in the UN General Assembly Headquarters building (New York).


Initiative to include the right to clean air in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as Right No. 1.

Clean air is the highest value, and every living being has the right to breathe clean air from birth.

Why foundation was created?

Our Mission

The international Gaiia Foundation was established on the initiative of philosopher, writer and economist Hares Youssef, for the purpose of creating global-wide projects to address the challenges of the modern-day digital world, to protect mankind from an unpredictable robotised future, as well as projects to protect the environment and reform the world financial system.

Our mission is to find answers to the twenty-first century's global issues and create a future where humanity has rediscovered the meaning of its place in history. We want to liberate people from the power that consumerism holds over them, to enable them to realise their destiny.

How we see ourselves in the future?


The Gaiia Foundation is an international organisation that has assumed the role of navigator of the future. The innovative tools it has developed will enable mankind to create a new virtual Government, which means a new political and intellectual elite, whose decisions will be based on three fundamental values: environmental awareness, radical transparency, and interactivity.


Environmental Awareness

A new way of thinking based on a cautious and responsible attitude towards our planet.

Economic Awareness

A new world view based on the principle of financial transparency.

Radical Transparency

Worldwide banking information must be fully available for public access, including transaction archives, accounts, deposits, contributions, and reserves. Information about all monetary and non-monetary resources and capital should become open to anyone, wherever they may be. Our Data is no longer a "commodity" and is transformed into Open Collective Capital by becoming transparent.

Global Digital Transformation

Digitalization of all spheres and aspects of human activity: economy, education, healthcare, business, communications, etc.

A New Type of Social Conduct

Through ground-breaking innovations and interactivity, we are remodelling human relationships, and will arrive at a new type of social conduct by directing the focus of attention away from consumerism and towards self-development.

Responsible Innovation

The emergence of such uncontrolled technological innovations as nanotechnology, genetic modulation, Artificial Intelligence, etc., reveals the need for future innovators who can take responsibility for their inventions and foresee great opportunities and significant risks.

A High Level of Culture

Providing innovative tools for creating a society where the economics of knowledge takes precedence over the values of industrial economics; it is the latter that prevents a person’s inner potential from flourishing and new knowledge from being generated, and hence presents a challenge to cultural development.

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