Gaiia Movement


An initiative to name our planet and recognise it as a living being with legal status and the right to vote in the UN, on an equal footing with any state. We propose to give the planet a single name that sounds the same in all languages, for example, Gaiia.

An initiative to include the right to clean air in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as Right No. 1 (Goal 18 of the adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals).

The creation of the international Clean Air Fund, which provides for the introduction of a tax on air pollution, and material compensation to residents of those cities and countries that live in areas of hazardous pollution (near factories, industrial plants, etc.). The owners of factories will be obliged to pay a tax, in an amount that takes account the level of pollution. 50% of the funds are allocated to residents of hazardous areas, 50% - to the Clean Air Fund. In turn, the organisation undertakes to find the technological means to solve the problem of pollution.