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Humanity is often unprepared for global challenges that call its existence into question. The Covid-19 pandemic is further proof of this. Nevertheless, many have tried to adapt to the new conditions. The shrewdest risk-takers have decided to play the role of architect of the new world. They have outlined further steps to reconstruct the political, economic, social, educational, cultural and other fallen systems. But no one as yet has a complete picture of what is happening. Humanity is going through a period of Interregnum. The old world order has cracked, and a new is yet to appear. Thus, we find ourselves at an intermediate stage where, on the one hand, we have lost many illusions and hopes, and, on the other, we see new opportunities in front of us.

Some seriously believe that everything will soon return to normal, and the work can restore the shaky structures. But will humanity want to write such a dull script? It is more likely that the winners will be those who show courage and offer the world something fundamentally new.A new image of the future, perhaps? A new Big Idea. A new model of society. A new page in history.

If you can rise to manage significant targets, if you're not afraid of complex tasks, if you can think outside the box, and are ready to set out on an exciting journey, then there is a place for you on Gaiia!

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