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What does the Foundation do

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Gaiia Movement

This initiative names our planet and recognizes it as a living being with legal status and the right to vote in the UN, on an equal footing with any state. Furthermore, we propose to give the planet a single name that sounds the same in all languages, for example, Gaiia. This initiative includes the right to clean air in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as Right No. 1 (Goal 18 of the adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals).

In Progress

Gaiia Coin

An ecological, sustainable coin that motivates people to participate in creating favourable ecosystems. Gaiia is a personal purpose coin supporting full fundraising transparency. Each person not only binds the coin to their name but must set a purpose for it, using various forms of charity: payment for medical services, ecology, or helping animals.
Transparency is the main priority of the project. Therefore, all Gaiia Coin buyers automatically become the owners of Gaiia Communication Platform shares.

In Progress

HERMES Economic Model

A project to transform the economy and create an ecological and economic system based on an understanding of the energy value of life. HERMES - Human Energy Resources Machinery Ecosystem - is a system that balances the flow of resources in the economy; its 'digital brain.'

Not Started


Paideums are a system of children's paradise where children have the opportunity to reveal their inner potential.

Not Started

Gaiia Traffic System

The Gaiia Traffic system is a navigation system that requires all car drivers to provide complete information about the route of their journey so that the internal algorithms of the system can prevent traffic jams and road accidents.

In Progress

Gaiia Movie

A film adaptation of the Gaiia book, video, etc.

In Progress

Gaiia Education

Books, the Gaiia Magazine, educational projects, research, the Gaiia Animation Centre.

Not Started

Gaiia Think Fabric

An analytical centre that will include leading economists, thinkers, scientists, etc., whose task will be to solve the global problems facing humanity.

Not Started

4+1 System

A system of social communication that forms the basis of the idea of the total digitalisation of society. The aim of the system is to generate a political elite.

Not Started
Gaiia Communication Platform

It is a global co-funding system based on complete data transparency. Social media capital and data become money capital, sold through Gaiia Coin. Every owner of Gaiia coin has a share to own the platform. Here the shareholders generate the value of their coins through the content they create.


Smart Neighbours

A new app and social platform that will bring people together in their homes – on different levels: entrance area, house, yard, block, microdistrict.

Not Started

Gaiia Home

The Creative Space for artists, musicians, sculptors, photographers, architects, theater and film directors, etc., where cultural and educational events are held: concerts, exhibitions, training, master classes, lectures, discussions, creative meetings for the exchange of experience and ideas.