Gaiia Communication Platform

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Gaiia Communication Platform

It is a global co-funding system based on complete data transparency. Social media capital and data become money capital, sold through Gaiia Coin. Every owner of Gaiia coin has a share to own the platform. Here the shareholders generate the value of their coins through the content they create.

Gaiia Platform unique features

Blockchain Social Network

Our system is based on the blockchain economy. The more you share the energy of Golden Hearts with friends, colleagues, and family, the more you will receive.

A new way to share information!

Web3 allows the dissemination of information in complete transparency, protecting users from propaganda, misinformation, manipulation of opinion, and calls for violence.

Video chat with celebrities

Those who donate substantial amounts will be able to receive thanks in the form of a video call with celebrities registered on the platform.

Thank you payment

Gratitude for good deeds can be transformed into capital.