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Sergey Vasilyev

The mission of the Gaiia Foundation is to radically rethink and reshape all aspects of human life. By changing our economic way of thinking and behaviour, we can return humanity and the planet to harmonious unity, and ensure a balance between the interests of society as a whole and the prosperity of the individual.

These are serious initiatives that cannot be realised through the intellectual efforts of a small group of people alone. For this reason, it is one of the tasks of the Gaiia Foundation to establish a framework for dialogue and cooperation between intellectuals for the purpose of discussing the goals and possibilities of the project, as well as its implementation. We are open for contact with scientists, thinkers, researchers, representatives of the business world, the culture and art community, and students.

We invite anyone interested in participating in our research work to get in touch with representatives of the Gaiia Foundation.


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