Auragh Ramdan: We are Surrounded by Our Own Consciousness

Auragh Ramdan

Auragh Ramdan, Expert on international issues, founder of the Diplomatic Comments information portal.

The work of Hares Youssef, culminating in the book Gaiia, reveals a new layer of philosophical thought. The author has laid bear those contradictory and pseudo-scientific dogmas that have long been prevalent in the sphere of journalism. He has enriched the already empty bookshelves of our age with the fundamental idea that humanity awaits in the afterlife - a different continuum.

In the author's interpretation of both philosophical tendencies and the very matter that fills our physical space, dualism - or duality - finds its relevance in this work. Gaiia comes to the aid of our planet, making the necessary corrections to the matrix of a degraded civilisation. Degraded - because man has begun to destroy the world around him and deplete the resources of his native habitat. Looking ahead, the author masterfully uses Jelena's life path to show us the way to perfection and an understanding of the Truth.

His work resembles a true political detective story, where two opposing parties fight to the death to achieve their geopolitical ambitions. Yulian Semyonov's Seventeen Moments of Spring, about the adventures of Stirlitz in Hitler's Berlin, comes to mind. In Dresden, the young Major Putin recruits the scientist Gorokhoff, who later occupies leading posts in the US national security service and enters the highest offices in the potential enemy's scientific institutions.

The author then makes a qualitative leap in his narrative, presenting our world as a kind of arena, where two bipolar objects fight for the right to be the Gospel Truth, not the "everyday truth". Some people just think about how to survive, wasting themselves and everything around them, while others reflect.

In this work we meet Belyaev, on whose escapades the country's fate depends. He reminds us of another hero from Russia's history - General Belyaev, who participated in the civil war and made a massive contribution to the creation of the Soviet state. He later engaged in operations abroad to defend the empire's boundaries in both Eastern Europe and Latin America. Here the author finds the necessary analogy and masterfully reminds us of the acts of valour in the erstwhile brilliant battles for sovereignty.

Yalta is mentioned, not only in its historical context during the Second World War, but also in a present-day setting; the discovery of the ominous object that could destroy all of the empire's achievements - Putin gives the command to disconnect Russia from the Internet...

Times have changed, after all, and we need to protect not only our physical space but our cyberspace too from this kind of unauthorised intervention.

Using his WiGON app, the young reporter John Oldie has deprived authoritarian and classical political regimes of the monopoly on objective information. Everything can now be seen in real-time, which enables people to make money on current events and create alternative information flows.

Here the author is clearly pointing out the unprecedented breakthrough in the field of information and communication technologies that will play a crucial role in preventing the imminent demise of civilisation.

It seems that our author is not only familiar with the achievements of scientific and technical thought but also, having ridden a light wave, visited Newton, Voltaire and even Heisenberg - a broad outlook and profound intuition have been a great help to him in composing this incredible piece of work.

The story represents an endless numerical series that strives to attain a particular transcendental value, which in his discourse the author has designated through the heroes as the Truth.


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