I Wanted to Open Readers' Eyes to the New Dimension That Is Above Logic

Natella Speranskaya

Interview with Hares Youssef

— How did the idea of creating Gaiia come to you? Where did it all start?

-In the beginning, there was no name Gaiia. There was an idea. An idea of a natural planet with a natural person in the role of a just king; a planet with the best way of life, where peace and harmony reign. This idea drove me and forced me to ask questions: what is the problem? Why - with his mind, intelligence and reason - has man failed to become the 'father of all living things?' The name Gaiia appeared later. In the long process of searching for the answers to these questions, the name came to me quite suddenly. And it seemed to contain all the answers at once.

I understand the role of names and terms. A title contains everything that included in its name. If the name of the Universe is the Universe, then the Universe will remain limited by this name until we find another word for it - one that embraces everything that we have not yet put into this concept. We can limit, even remove part of the essence of what we mean with a name. And with a name, we can create an entirely new world or transform the old one. As far as the name Gaiia is concerned. I don't remember exactly when it came to me, but, of course, I had often heard of the Greek goddess Γαῖα. Its name has become a symbol of my entire philosophy.

— Why did you decide to write a book?

Writing a book is one way to share your impressions, knowledge and philosophy with the world. However, I don't intend to limit myself to the book. I'm planning to create a Movement, a platform, film, magazine, etc. The book is just the beginning. For me, the book establishes the legitimacy of what I can introduce to the world.

— What did you want to reveal to your readers?

I wanted to open my readers' eyes to a new dimension that is above logic because I've discovered that, as children, we are all mentally abused. I'm talking about how teachers forced us to interact with counting and arithmetic. This violence destroys most of the human intellect. It is so harsh that it makes logic a hostage to the way we think. Even when we think, we think by counting. But reflection is not involved in this process at all. For this reason, a peaceful, harmonious, beautiful world turns into idiotic romanticism. Our entire civilisation, as it exists today, is a design project of the same counting logic.

I find it astonishing that the intellectual elite considers our civilisation an outstanding achievement of the human mind. Idiocy has reached the point where we prepare to justify the enormous expenses on energy, intellectual and financial resources thrown at exploring the neighbouring planet. And this happens at a time when we are on the verge of a nuclear war! For example, it would be more dignified of Elon Musk if he applied his intellect by amazing the inhabitants of the Earth and finding a way to protect our native planet from the barbarism of the logic that has become a measure of success.

Interviewed by Natella Speranskaya


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