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Man and Planet: the "Anthropocene Virus"

Начиная с эпохи Промышленной Революции воздействие человека на планету стало настолько активным, что сегодня это привело к серьезным последствиям, и многие ученые открыто заговорили о наступлении новой геологической эпохи – эпохи Антропоцена.

Analytical Centre

The mission of the Gaiia Foundation is to radically rethink and reshape all aspects of human life. By changing our economic way of thinking and behaviour, we can return humanity and the planet to harmonious unity, and ensure a balance between the interests of society as a whole and the prosperity of the individual.

A New Economy

Everything that happens in the world, everything that forms the realities of a person’s life, everything that we consider problems today, and everything that is an achievement has a direct impact on the economy.