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The Right to Fresh Air

Even if we take severe measures to protect the planet's ecosystem and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will gradually switch to renewable energy sources, but we will not change our way of thinking.

Designing the Future

Philosophy has long ceased to be a way of being and has become a field of research, a detached analysis, a “philosophical speech”, or merely a subject of conversation.

The Paideum - a "Children's Paradise"

Whereas, only recently, it was customary to believe that a prestigious position and a high social status were essential prerequisites for a successful career, it is more usual these days for people to talk about opportunities for realising their creative potential and being happy with their chosen occupation.

New Research: Psychonomics

"Psychonomics" as a term has been encountered more and more often in specialised literature in recent decades. Many authors regard psychonomics as an interdisciplinary science, one which, unfortunately, does not yet have its own clear system of concepts, categories, and laws.

New Communication Platform

We live in the era of the Digital Revolution, where the methods of communication between people have changed beyond recognition. Within only 20 years, digital technologies have completely transformed social systems and communications.